It's remarkable to think that I've now been at Falsterbo for the two biggest autumn seasons ever. This autumn was far from the dizzying heights of 2012 (32,600 birds) but with 24,995 birds ringed in the standardised ringing so far this autumn – the second highest total ever – we've done pretty well.

It's been a record autumn for most of small, “eat-insets-from-in-crevices”, short-distance migrant species. We've recorded the highest autumn totals (in 34 years of standardised ringing), for the following species:

Goldcrest 11,230 (previous record: 10,403 in 2000, followed by 6,214 in 2008)
Robin 4,138 (previous record: 4,052 in 2000)
Chiffchaff 972 (previous highest: 556 in 2010)
Long-tailed Tit 345 (previous record: 330 in 2012)
Eurasian Treecreeper 201 (previous record: 151 in 2005)
Firecrest 18 (previous record: 8 in 2000)

And we managed the second highest autumn total for Wren (1,621), second only to 1,739 in 2000.

There are only a few days left of the seasons so, although the totals are all likely to increase slightly, we're probably not going to add anything significantly more to any of the totals now. Besides which, I'm going to be off the peninsula for most of the weekend. Hope I don't get a nose bleed.