Things are starting to happen

Last weekend the International Bird Observatory Conference (IBOC) was held at Falsterbo; and, with a massive storm and torrential rain over the region, it provided a good distraction from no ringing and a flooded reedbed. Great to meet lots of people from all over the globe and some really exciting talks were given.

Water levels in the reedbed were so high that we could only get in far enough to put up two (of twenty) nets, so we gave up and did some ringing with the lighthouse team instead. Yesterday morning was the best day of the season so far with 355 birds ringed, including two Wood Warblers, a few Redstarts and Pied Flycatchers, and 234 Robins.

It looks like water levels will have dropped enough for us to get into Flommen by tomorrow. Let's hope the good weather and high numbers of birds at the lighthouse bode well for some busy ringing.

Over wildlife has included, in no particular order, a Hedgehog:

 Some Common Toads:

A Convolvulus Hawk-moth:

And thousands of jellyfish: