Double fun

I have to admit that after only a couple of days I'm struggling to keep up with blogging about what we've been catching in the mornings; at least, struggling to find the time on top of everything else to write anything meaningful about the interesting things we're seeing (retained median coverts in adult Yellow Wagtails, post-juvenile moult in Whinchats, etc). I fear, until the morning start gets a bit later and the amount of other work I have to do subsides, I may just be posting pretty photos of pretty birds. Fear not, though, since today we caught several pretty birds.

Birds of the day were these Nutcrackers (two of three ringed at the lighthouse, all of the thick-billed nominate race):

With the highlight up at Flommen being two Wood Sandpipers trapped at the same time.

The birding has been good too with a decent passage of Honey Buzzard and Osprey along with other nice Swedish things like White-tailed Eagle, Wryneck, Red-backed Shrike, and a handful of migrating Two-barred Crossbills.