Back at Falsterbo

I've been quite busy recently, hence the extended silence, but yesterday I arrived back at Falsterbo, southern Sweden, where I'll spend the autumn. It was a nice day to arrive with about 170 birds ringed in the reedbed and a strong passage of Tree Pipits overhead, of which we caught a few. This first-year was particularly nice having undergone a post-juvenil moult that included one GC: in typical pipit fashion, GC9.

The only other bird of note was this 1cy Water Rail, almost done with its post-juvenile moult and looking rather adult-like already.

A Caspian Tern flew over the car on our way back from the lighthouse but other than that I've not really had any time for birding yet.

There are other things of interest around the station, too, such as these moths that were attracted to the outside lights: a Sallow and an Archer's Dart, respectively.