Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I've had more things stabbed into me than I care to remember this week, and almost as many things pulled back out of me. Rabies, hepatitis A, typhoid, and a double layer of six stitches. Still, it hasn't stopped me from getting out-and-about. Mid-week, on the way back from having my eyes poked at, I called in at Calderstone's park where I had what was probably a Swedish or Danish-ringed Black-headed Gull (certainly not British, not Norwegian and not Dutch). I returned later in the afternoon with a loaf of bread hoping to be able to read the but the gull was no where to be found.

I headed down to North Wales this weekend where I met up with Alex Jones and, for the Friday night, Christopher Bridge. The plan was to catch some Woodcocks but the fields were wet (more of a problem for us sneaking up on the birds than for the birds themselves), the moon was full and bright, and Chris's lamp failed... Still, we managed to dazzle a cow and convince Chris that it was a black panther. The next morning Alex and I headed to Conwy RSPB where we jammed in on a smart drake Green-winged Teal.

A couple of Hawfinches down the Conwy valley and 150 Waxwings in Rhuddlan (opposite the abandoned pub next to the KFC on the roundabout — a far cry to in the park next to the church behind the house in Falsterbo) made for a pleasant day.

Back at home yesterday, a female Blackcap was on the sunflower seed feeder. I opened a net this morning and, despite the wind, caught one bird: the Blackcap. A short while later I also caught an adult female Blackbird, presumably the one that has been hanging around in the garden with 'our' adult male (ringed here this summer and present since).

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