Thursday, December 06, 2012

Birthday blackheads

I've never been one to celebrate my birthday in a conventional way, and today was no exception; on my hands and knees in a park surrounded by pigeons. The prize — when they occasionally strayed close enough — were these:

I say 'these' but the reality was I only caught two Black-headed Gulls in the couple of hours I was there; the adult above and a 1st-year (below). Still, better than a kick in the teeth. Or a panicking pigeon in the face.

I gave up after a Sparrowhawk came zooming through, hellbent on catching a Feral Pigeon. It failed but seriously spooked everything in the process.

Back at home I caught two adult female Chaffinches and a first-year (male) Coal Tit in the garden, as well as retrapping yesterday's Blackbird (who was a whole 30g lighter today than she was yesterday — it's amazing what a cold night does).
Compare the shape and extent of the bib compared to this female bird last week.