Monday, November 12, 2012

Rainbow over Falsterbo

This morning started how most days this week (except tomorrow and probably Wednesday — but more on that after the event) are likely to start: cleaning the observatory. I fancied a break, so I headed to the lighthouse to mend some nets. A Parrot Crossbill was flying over as I arrived. While I fixed one net, I opened some others and set a redpoll mp3 going. Total catch in 3.5 hours: two retrap Great Tits....
I gave up and left for home; just in time, too, as the heavens opened.

The rain did bring with it this full double rainbow that stretched right over the lighthouse. Almost worth getting wet for. Almost.

The only other sighting of any note was a Long-eared Owl that left the park and flew south as I was going to the shop this evening. Even if the ringing is over, at least the birding isn't (quite) dead.

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