Saturday, November 03, 2012

Quick update

It's been wet and/or windy over the last few days. Today's haul was 18 birds; better than yesterday's none. The 'highlight' was an assorted collection of Great Tits with, to a varying degree, unmoulted tails. This bird was the most extreme and is the first time I've seen a 1cy with a completely juvenile tail.

In my last blog post I mentioned that we'd equalled the Sparrowhawk and Long-tailed Tit annual totals; we've now beaten both — the Sparrowhawk total by one bird:

And the Long-tailed Tit total by about 60...

There have been a few Waxwings around. This is part of a flock of c.12 that were by the road on the way home the other afternoon.

I did the resting bird counts yesterday — nothing too interesting; a distant White-tailed Eagle and five species of geese (albifrons White-fronted, Greylag, Barnacle, bernicla Brent, and Canada) were the best.

And finally, a giant Bullfinch.
I'll say more about this when I've been arsed to had the time to edit the sound file.

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