Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today was — according to the weather forecast and our misplaced optimism — going to be grosbeak-day. We were fully berried-up and set to go... six hours later we were still grosbeakless. However, it turned out to be a nice day for some other G-species. Goldfinch, for example; eight birds ringed = new day record (OK, so the previous day record of 7 wasn't that hard to beat). That takes our Goldfinch annual total to 14, the second-highest annual total at Falsterbo.

We caught four Goldcrests, too. It's good fun making up moult limits in the greater coverts. This bird has left the two outermost unmoulted.
(Just nod and smile)

We completely the G-haul with a single 1cy Gulsparv.

Our berry-bait wasn't a complete failure. We managed to attracted down a flock of 20 Waxwings but they didn't stay for more than a few seconds before flying off and moving on to Denmark. Probably to go and jump straight into one of the nets at Gedser.

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Martin Sutherland said...

That looks like a seriously juvenile Gulsparv for November.