Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beats cleaning windows

It's been windy and mizzly on the peninsula the past two days so we've been relegated to cleaning the station top-to-bottom. On my way out to put some washing in the machine, I heard a flock of Waxwings — not an unusual occurrence, but these didn't sound like they were passing by. They were, in fact, just outside of the garden near to the church and, best of all, they were coming down to feed on a low hawthorn bush. I grabbed some poles and set up a net; a few minutes later, hey presto! One Waxwing. Then the flock did what Waxwings often do and flew off completely out of site before returning 20 minutes later. And then, hurrah, another three birds. Twenty minutes later, another two.

adult female

I knew there hadn't been too many Waxwings ringed at Falsterbo but I was surprised when I found out just how few. The highest annual total was 104 in 1996; then the annual total drops sharply to 11 in 1984; and then it's 2012 in 3rd place with 6 birds! The only other Waxwings ringed at Falsterbo were 1 in 2005 and 1 in 1989. Let's see if we can move 2012 into 2nd place if the flock is still around tomorrow...

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