Monday, November 19, 2012

A different view

For various reasons — mostly related to a certain swallow on Öland — there was no one to do the Nabben migration counts on Friday so, with no prior experience, a bad track record when it comes to estimating the number of individuals in a flying flock, and a strong reluctancy to do any sort of vis'migging, I stepped in.

Thankfully the migration was pretty slow with only just over 3,000 birds passing (a nice introduction to counting moving targets) and I really enjoyed the morning's count. The best of the lot were 220 Waxwings, a male Goshawk and a handful of Twite.

Friday's office

This little critter was 'sun'-bathing on the path on the way back... I wonder why it was still out and about in such cold overcast weather?

I've done all of the resting bird counts this week. By-and-large, the resting bird counts consist of counting Barnacle Geese and Wigeon; however, I did manage to find two first-winter female Scaup on the lighthouse lagoon and there were decent numbers of Whooper and Bewick's Swan in amongst the hundreds of Mute Swans at Knösen/Revlana.

I tried again this morning for grosbeaks. Needless to say, Falsterbo is still a grosbeak-free zone. After a few hours I switched the mp3 to redpoll and within half an hour had caught twenty birds, split roughly equally between cabaret and flammea.

Also another Goldfinch:

Sightings in/from the lighthouse garden included a Nutcracker, a Rough-legged Buzzard and about a dozen Waxwings.

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