Saturday, June 09, 2012

Look how they've grown!

The lighthouse Kestrels are getting big now. Here's what they look like:

 Remarkable when you consider that this is what they looked like just 10 days ago!

I slept in till 7 this morning (the first time I've been in bed past 02:30 for well over a week!) but I missed precious little at the lighthouse garden (totals online — click Ringing). I arrived just in time to ring our first juvenile Blackbird of the season. There are plenty of other juvenile birds around and about the place now, too; White Wagtails, Blue Tits, Great Tits. The Redstarts in the garden are busy feeding young — we checked the box on Tuesday when the clutch was just in the process of hatching; we'll check on them again in a few days.

All three of the kids are here for the weekend so we ordered in three family-size pizzas and a side order of kangaroo to celebrate.

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