Saturday, June 02, 2012

Colder than Christmas

Today was officially, apparently, colder than last Christmas. Thanks for heavy showers and strong wind, we didn't open the nets till 6 O'clock — two hours later and we still hadn't caught a single bird. We kept the nets up beyond the standardised ringing time — in an act of desperation more than anything — but it paid off; we caught 8 birds in a couple of hours (totals online — click Ringing). In between net rounds we ringed a brood of 13 Blue Tits that are nesting in the lighthouse garden.

The afternoon we checked the harbour road pools. Plenty of Avocets, still, with numbers of young birds now almost equally the number of adults; also some Barnacle Geese, Shoveler, Common Sandpiper etc.

The standard six-legged Avocet photo.

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