Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Arvid-effect

Arvid was back and the number of birds ringed in the lighthouse garden fell off a cliff... Well, relative to the last few days at least; we caught 45 birds (totals online — click Ringing), amongst them a couple interesting individuals. This 3+cy Thrush Nightingale, our second this year, is still ahead of the expected arrival date (as was a Spotted Flycatcher, our third ringed this year):

This Lesser Whitethroat wasn't too far off the European longevity record for the species. It was ringed as a 3+cy in June 2007 making it at least 7 years old (give or take a month depending when it fledged) — the oldest recorded individual in Europe is >7 years & 11 months.

I had to leave early to catch a flight — I'm away from Falsterbo now for a few days; hopefully the lads won't catch too much in my absence!

Flying over northern Zealand (Denmark) with the Swedish west coast in the background.

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