Thursday, April 26, 2012


I'm afraid, despite our best efforts, with only 9 birds ringed (totals online — click Ringing) I'm still without anything amazingly exciting to talk about; though I make no apologies for posting some Siskin photos — they're such lovely bird, especially the males:

Two females — a 2cy and a 3+cy — provided a nice comparison.


Note the difference in the tertials — worn retained juvenile feathers on the 2cy.

The 2cy bird had two retained juvenile greater coverts.

At first glance, there's not too much difference between the primaries — the 2cy was very fresh and unworn (perhaps a bird that hatched late last year?). However, the 3+cy bird shows overall blacker primaries with less bleaching at the tip, while the central primaries are distinctly more square-cut, especially on the inner webs. Additionally, the 3+cy shows considerably more yellow at the base of the primaries.

As with the primaries, the tail of the 2cy is in extremely good condition. It appeared that R6 on the right side has been moulted/replaced; the other tail feathers are most likely juvenile tail feathers — despite their broad and rather rounded appearance, they are still relatively brown and worn at the tip when compared to the 3+cy bird's tail.


Dave said...

Thanks for all the ageing photos.

Now that the Jenni & Winkler reprint has turned out to be a damp squib because of its poor reproduction web sites are the best source of good ageing photos.

Stephen Menzie said...

You're welcome, Dave. I future my photos are better off being put to some use on here than sitting on my computer unseen.