Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fire-crowned king birds

Spring stuttered into life this morning with southeasterly winds and drizzle bringing a small fall of Robins, Chiffchaffs and Goldcrests (lighthouse garden totals online — click Ringing); with them came no fewer than three Firecrests (Brandkronad kungsfågel ≈ "fire-crowned king bird"), a scarce bird in Sweden.

Bird 1 — 2cy male

Bird 2 — 2cy female

Bird 3 — 2cy male

And a few more shots of bird 3:
I really love the orange on the crown; sadly, today was just about the dullest day of the year this spring so the photos, which were taken using some stupidly high ISO and low aperture, don't shine as much as the birds did in life. The crown feathers on the males are almost luminous — think orange highlighter pen, or Dyno-rod van.

Visible migration was in full swing over the lighthouse with Common Crossbills, redpolls and Siskins passing by. I also had a Green Sandpiper fly over; the others scored six Arctic Skuas passing high overhead whilst I was clearing the nets.

On the way back from the lighthouse we found another Firecrest; then back at the station... another one!

We took a walk in the afternoon along the 'love path' as far as the harbour road where we found... another Firecrest. Also quite a few Common Chiffchaffs and the usual common stuff. 

And a Red Squirrel:

A Black Redstart was by the golf clubhouse:

And this:
***WARNING — the following photograph may induce vomiting***

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