Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dodgy geese at 700 m

I was secretly hoping to find a Magnolia Warbler in a hedgerow as I wandered around Hale this afternoon. I didn't. I did however find this Greater White-fronted Goose with the Greater Canada Geese:

Also on the marsh were the two manky shelduck things. They've been around for a while now and get reported as any of the four non-Common species of shelduck depending on who sees them; but I'm pretty sure they're hybrids of one sort or another. The blotchy dark-green head of one of the birds and the pink legs make me think there's some Common Shelduck in there. As for the second parent, I guess Ruddy Shelduck or Cape Shelduck are both sensible guesses, though with the greyish head of the other bird I'd be tempted to plump for the latter.

There was also this dark and dusky-breasted looking canada goose:

Four Grey Partridges were in field by the side of the track; always nice to see. I love the almost luminous pink patch behind/below the male's eye.

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