Friday, March 04, 2011

Moult envy

or A window into my sad little world

Those who know me will testify that my emotional state is pretty much a flat line. On the plus side, that means I'm unlikely to need any anger management; but it's extremely rare to see me get even the slightest bit animated about anything.

There's one thing in life that makes my heart beat a little bit faster, though. I first became aware of it in Spain last spring, though have yet to actually clap eyes on it first-hand. When I do, I think I might explode.

I am of course talking about... eccentric primary moult limit in 2cy Iberian Chiffchaffs. Obviously!

The one and only Iberian Chiffchaff I've ringed was an adult. Theoretically considerably harder to identify than a 2cy but displaying a standard and rather boring full set of same-age flight feathers. Here is it:

The reason for blogging about this this evening, though, is this recent post on P

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