Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sadly, the end of my trip is getting near. I've now left Aiguamolls and travelled to the big city. I'm currently in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, just a few km outside of the Barcelona city limits. Quite different to wake up to the sound of traffic outside rather than singing Nightingales! Today I'm off into the city with Marcel Gil and Martí Rodríguez, who have promised to show me all the touristy things that no British visitor should leave without seeing... plus the added bonus of various Parakeets that might one day make it onto Cat C! Talking of Cat C, yesterday I'm ashamed to say I went to see Pekin Robin. More interesting than I thought, especially the song, though more on that another time. I'll be driving up to Bilbao this afternoon and then catching the ferry to Portsmouth tomorrow so fingers crossed for a few cetaceans and seabirds on the crossing.
I've got about 7,000 photographs to sort through when I'm back - I'll probably make a new blog and gradually upload them onto there when I've got the time.

If my three months in Catalonia was 'a new chapter' in my life then at this rate I'm going to be able to write a book - another 'new chapter' starts in just over a week when I move to London! Quite a contrast.

Anyway, I'm off to put on some shorts and a pair of shades and head into the big city!