Sunday, April 18, 2010

Had the morning off today so did a bit of birding (3 Aquatic Warblers, Spotted Crake, 2+Red-throated Pipits etc) and in the office now briefly; just enough time to post a couple more pics for anyone who's still checking this blog!

Red-throated Pipit:

And a second bird:

Western Reef Egret:

Aquatic Warbler:

A total of 5 Aquatic Warblers have now been ringed at the site this spring - all of them caught in one 12 m net! - and there are currently THREE together around the edge of the reed bed, at least 2 of which are unringed...

Will try and post a bit more soon, though, with so much good birding quite literally on my doorstep and 1,000s of photos to sort through, don't go holding your breath!

Saturday, April 10, 2010