Monday, June 29, 2009

An evening at Frodsham

I waited until the heat had gone down and the tide had come up before I ventured down to Frodsham this evening. Not that it was really worth it. A Dunlin on its lonesome, a drake Eurasian Wigeon moulting into eclipse plumage, and, erm, a Common Gull were the best on offer. Ten Blackwits flew straight over high up as I was getting in the car.

More exciting than the birds were the Painted Lady butterflies, back again, though this time a lot more sedentary and looking quite battered. Small groups of them were displaying over (defending?) clumps of thistles, occasionally going down and landing on them or near them. Are we going to be seeing a mass egg laying session followed by a plague of butterflies in a few weeks? An attempt to digibin one of them:

And finally, a sunset, looking northwest towards Liverpool. You can see the two cathedrals and the Radio City tower on the horizon, John Lennon airport on the left, and Hale lighthouse on the right.